There was never butterflies. Just fire.
Six word poem (b.c)

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Call me at 4 am, and tell me it’s because you want to hear my voice.
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  • Uterus: oh you have a completely full day of activity??
  • Me: don't
  • Uterus: and a sleepover afterwards??
  • Me:
  • Uterus: hardly any breaks??
  • Me:
  • Uterus: wouldn't it be a shame
  • Uterus: if something were to
  • Me:
  • Uterus: happen
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i do not chase people

i do not chase men, and i do not chase friends

hell, i don’t even chase family

i’m here, and i’m important

i’m not running after people to prove that i matter

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Drunk text me. I want
to be the one you think of
when you can’t think straight.

"Drunk Texts are Flattering" by Claire Luisa (via claireluisa)
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You are such a piece of shit and absolute disappointment.

You will never be close to me ever again, the only reason you’ll even get formalities from me is because you’re my brother.

Others may not see through you but I do. You’re such a fucking asshole.

Have a great life with your girlfriend. So glad you care more for her than your own sister. But then again, we were never close to begin with no matter how hard I tried right? Fuck you. Fuck you for blaming something so monumentally stupid on me. Something you did all on your own.

Congratulations, brother, and thanks for being the biggest example of an asshole I’ve ever seen in my life.

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